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Megan's Journal
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Thursday, March 16th, 2017
9:52 pm
Novel3 idea!!!!
I've recovered from the last round of novel-writing and am getting unique ideas again! :)

OK, so #novel3. Let's see if I can say it in a sentence first.

SUMMARY SENTENCE: A girl with supernatural powers tries to attend college and lose her virginity.

OK, that's acceptable for now.


Main Character = Vella (last name).
What does she want? To get a math degree in college and lose her virginity.
General sense: A tough girl, somewhat on the autistic spectrum, super-strong in her particular type of "power", who loves math because it makes sense. (Unlike her powers.) Her family as a rule has no secrets, so she is incredibly direct. Her home community is a matriarchy, so she has no concept of what women are "supposed" to do.

Antagonist = Serial killer guy
What does he want? To murder the fuck out of Vella.
General sense: Extremely socially intelligent, first confirms that Vella will not be missed before making the murder move, seduces her ahead of time by appearing to "get" her and be less "difficult" than other students.

Power player = Dane (last name)
What does he want? To figure out himself, and his relationship to women going forward after a setback.
General sense: Kind of weird in his own way - took up hunting with a bow and arrow recently - seems to be searching for something, or perhaps planning something. Actually is attracted to Vella, but has issues regarding his last girlfriend.

Power player = Nerd jerk guy
What does he want? For Vella to get out of his safe space (the math program).
General sense: Odious Internet troll type. Physically unattractive. Attacks Vella in every way except physically.


ENDING: Vella is nearly killed by the serial killer. Is saved by Dane. Still gets a full dose of heroin (OD level). Dale drags her out to the road, she is rescued by someone with a reviver thing whose kid died earlier. After it is all over, she finds out Dane's deal - he was humiliated by his prior girlfriend, who insinuated something about the size of his manhood. He's been trying to get over it ever since. Vella points out that she doesn't give a shit and she finds him hot. 30 minutes later, virginity lost! Yaaaay the end.

BEGINNING: Introduce Vella and her powers and her past immediately. She has been told since age 5 the exact tragic story of her father's death. Her family absolutely cannot keep secrets. She's leaving to start college relatively nearby. Heeeeere we go...

That's all for tonight! More thoughts tomorrow!!
Saturday, September 19th, 2015
5:40 pm
Starting up the good ol' job search.
Hello, faceless universe! Starting up my personal responsibility meter again... the job search is officially launched. Yay!

Thins done so far:
1) Rewrote my resume, currently with most recent job title as "SOP Writer". Not entirely sure that's correct/professional, but it seems most accurate. "Content writer" is too dumb sounding (goddamn you, Buzzfeed!). "Technical writer" is too high-level. For now.

2) Applied by handing my resume to the Product Safety department in Amazon for a Specialist position. Not my current team, but they sit nearby, and they seem a lot less crazy. Good news! I haven't heard back but it's only been 2 working days. If they never respond I have my answer.

3) Did an informational interview for the position above.

And that's it ^^; But, so far so good. What to do next?

1) Post updated resume to Monster.com and Indeed.com. Will have to do this weekly.
2) Have Mike check the resume... also have another friend check it? Will have to ask around.
3) Actually apply for more positions! More Amazon contracts would be fine. I think I just got someone's invitation to apply for a position, so will do that.

OK gotta make dinner for the resume party, be right back...

Current Mood: hungry
Friday, December 26th, 2014
12:36 pm
A Collection of Christmas Letters - 2009-2013
Hard to believe, but LJ might actually be the right place to do this today? Can't make Wordpress do the "cut" thing, can't be arsed to look up how :/

IN ANY CASE here are my Christmas letters from 2009 to 2013! Happy schadenfreude, everyone ;)

Christmas 2009 - Rock BottomCollapse )

Christmas 2010 - From The Window SeatCollapse )

Christmas 2011 - A Failure Of Narrative (Alternatively: It's Raining Men, Help)Collapse )

Christmas 2012 - Catastrophes, MultipleCollapse )

Christmas 2013 - Chaos, Glourious ChaosCollapse )
Saturday, October 26th, 2013
8:48 pm
Moving plans!
OK, so let's vomit my thoughts about the move out here.

First, we are only renting the moving truck for 24 hours.  That would be from 7:00 am on Saturday and returning it in the evening/morning after (hopefully that evening).  The first apartment we are going to move is Mine (Megan).  Because Saturday evening it would be too crazy to try parking the truck on the street.
That means Mike's apartment will be done later that afternoon (Sat).

1. Mike and I will leave from his apartment at 6:45 AM on Saturday (2nd) and pick up the truck (7:00 AM).
2. Mike will drive the empty truck, I (Megan) will drive Mike's car to my place in Queen Anne.
3. The truck will need to be parked as close to the apartment as possible (ask the landlord if a space can be reserved for that morning)
4. Mike's car will be in. paid parking (lot) so that it doesn't need to be dealt with.
5. The first problem is, the most complex item that needs to be moved in my apartment is the couch (will need at least one other strong person [Paul or Josh] to lift it).
6. All other items in my apartment can be moved by anyone (fairly light).
7. Remember to disassemble my dining table ahead of time.  Desk perhaps too (not all pieces, probably just two).
8. For the dresser (maybe the table?), if able, hand off to someone who wants it, or send it with Mike's mom for temporary storage until we can sell/give it away.
(This also goes for Mike's table, chairs, and old couch)
9. Drive up to the new apartment and unload the truck (who drives we can decide beforehand or at that time).  Friend and local help may be utilized at this time.

(During lunch break or after, Mike's mom will likely take Josh to work)
(also, Paul and Kat should be here now, if not beforehand)

10. Drive the now-empty truck to Mike's place at West Seattle. (By this point it will likely be in the afternoon)
11. Load heavy furniture first (Paul and Mike), (bed, desk [which will be disassembled], book shelves, couch last for dumping/and or hand off to Mom?)
12. Everyone can do the smaller boxes.
13. Drive truck back to new apartment and unload (perhaps more help from friends/locals?)
14. Return truck if we have the energy.

The End of Saturday

(remember to have left cleaning supplies at both apartments)
* Only Mike, Megan, and perhaps Rachel (maaaybe Kat and Paul?)

1. Again, for parking reasons go first to my (Megan's) place and do cleaning.
2. Make sure anything (paperwork, payments, whatever is taken care of before departure)
3. Drive to Mike's place and clean up.
4. Be sure to give a call to Mike's landlords to finish the transaction (and perhaps set in motion getting rent payments back)

5. Back at the new apartment, unpack/organize, etc. as we feel like.

Sunday, May 5th, 2013
1:36 pm
Last LJ post before the job...
Sadly I achieved basically nothing yesterday ^^; oh well! Job starts on Monday, I am enjoying the last freedom I will have for some time ^^

This is actually a work-in-progress writing thing, because LJ is easier to use than Word 2013 >_>Collapse )
Wednesday, May 1st, 2013
8:55 am
4/30 Report
I GOT A JOB!!1!! At Amazon!!! 8D So, the daily postings here are almost done! But there's so much to be done in preparation... I'll finish out the last week this way!
Read more...Collapse )
Tuesday, April 30th, 2013
11:48 am
4/24 report
Finally remembered what day it was... >_>;;

Read more...Collapse )
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
1:29 pm
Today's list
Still doing this! With money subtractions, as that seems to work well.

Read more...Collapse )
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
8:45 am
Monday, April 22nd, 2013
4:09 pm
Monday, April 15th, 2013
1:25 pm
Posting 4/14.
Until the bitter end...

Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: blah
Friday, April 12th, 2013
8:32 pm
9:32 am
4/11 report!
Still doing this... am not going to stop doing this until I get hired.

Read more...Collapse )
Aaadnd that was it. To be continued tomorrow...
Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
10:27 pm
To-do list 4/9...
OK, so will keep doing this until things get too busy for me to keep it up ^^ This time under a cut, tho...

Cutsy cutsy cut.Collapse )

Current Mood: coughing
Monday, April 8th, 2013
10:41 pm
Haha, haven't posted on this in ages... time to keep myself accountable!
Well, I haven't been on this thing in ages... no worries, no crisis going on or anything. I'm unemployed again (this seems rather familiar now...) and I need to keep myself on task so that I can get a new job before the end of the month, which is my goal. So! Apologies for boring-ness in advance.

Today's accomplishments:

1) Went to Starbucks for breakfast & caffeine.
2) Worked out. (4th time in a row)
3) Showered/cleaned bathroom afterwards
4) cleaned a few things on my desk (very few)
5) washed, dried, folded 2 loads of laundry
6) called my old boss Ken and left a messaged. He didn't call back. Ah well! I suppose that particular line of inquiry is dead.
7) took a nap...
8) downloaded (finally!) all the things from my old laptop system onto my new laptop system. Now I can access all my files again!
9) got out my incredibly delayed snail-mail Christmas cards. Have done one so far, for dad's girlfriend...
10) cooked my own dinner! Yay! All protein and veggies, makes my immune system happy :)
~at this point actually finished a flower, whee!
11) cleaned up after cooking dinner
12) successfully started my "accountability LJ"
13) texted back and forth with Mike briefly
14) oh yeah - I forgot - I got a phone call today from a lady trying to get me to be an insurance salesman. She invited me to an interview on Wednesday. My expectations from this are basically zero, but I don't see how they'll swindle me of my money if I go, and it's a good habit to get into going to interviews. Wrote that in my calendar.
15) wrote a card to my uncle & aunt in the area... I haven't seen them once in 2.5 years... extended the olive branch and asked for their email address? which I don't have?
16) got a call from a friend, a previous co-worker, who *also* got fired from my old work - complete surprise! But she was more happy than sad, just like me. Yet another friend of mine who still works there emailed me to express complete shock. I wonder if that company is going to be allright...? Actually, no, I really don't. >_>;;
17) wrote another card to my cousin in the area
18) finished listening to Homestuck Volume 8 (yes, I know, but the music is free and excellent background noise!)
19) wrote another card to my other cousin in the area
20) gave up on anything resembling practical work and watched Youtube "crash course" biology videos and practiced Japanese kanji.

Current Mood: determined-ish
Monday, September 24th, 2012
8:55 pm
Report, 9/21-22-23-24?
The thing about events happening quickly is that at a certain point you don't have *time* to report them. Yeesh.

Anywho back to the daily grind. Lists!!

1. Gather a load of laundry -- DONE
2. Put a load of laundry into the washer- -- DONE
3. Clear out dishwasher - DONE
4. Reload dishwasher - DONE
5. Take food out of the fridge that has been there since July
6. Put my sheets in the dryer -- DONE
7. Go to gym -- DONE
8. Do a bunch more stuff - DONE
9. Take clothes out of dryer and organize them neatly -
Go to bed in a timely manner - DONE (on all days)

...sigh. Gotta stop keeping a window just open and hanging out on my laptop...
Tuesday, December 20th, 2011
10:45 pm
Yes, I'm being *that* person.
OK I just finished my Christmas email list and it only took me FIVE AND A HALF HOURS LOL WOT 8D But now it is done. For all eternity. It is finished. 115 people, 8 nationalities, 5 continents.

...actually no it isn't, who am I kidding? Does anyone on this LJ want a Christmas email/donation to charity in your name? Who hasn't already been contacted by moi? Answer to this post or forever hold your peace!! 0_0

Now, there are only a few things left to do before Christmas is Over.

--calculate charity donation and submit it
--handwrite the cards that are going to be handwritten (mostly relations)
--print out the printed copies of the letter that will be stuffed into cards
--print out some lame picture of me to stuff into cards
--compose brief email to all my web of people explaining that I am donating to charity in their name this Christmas, you're welcome
--call people to hang out with Dec. 24 - 26

...wow, actually, that's pretty much it. Can't believe this list is starting to get manageable! There's hope yet! :)

PS - seriously, email me at shinjuki @ gmail . com (no spaces) and I will get you on my list. All of you can qualify. All of you. 0_0 I will collect you all
Thursday, January 27th, 2011
8:52 pm
Mood whiplash.
So first things first, I had to drive across the longest floating bridge in the world today (not an unusual experience for me), and today's weather was truly, bizarrely, breath-takingly beautiful. Due to the fog in the air, the light was entirely diffused, and yet I could see the looming range of the Cascade Mountains clearly in the distance as I drove across the water. The clouds in the sky took on a range of pastel colors, from pallid blue to dusky pinkish-grey to orange froth, contrasting dream-like with the dull evergreen of the trees on the hills in the distance, and it felt like I had somehow been removed in time and place to a different type of reality. Then I remembered that I was going 50 miles per hour on a four-lane bridge and I had better pay some damn attention. Sadly, this happens all too often when driving in Seattle.

But I'm really posting here today to comment that my not-quite-emergency emergency room visit cost me $407, guys, FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVEN DOLLARS, which of course as always I can ill-afford. This was an expensive lesson in why we never every use the emergency room unless we fear we may die. EVER. I mean, I'm serious, even if this issue does come up again - where my stomach hurts and I can't figure out why and I can't take time off for whatever reason - I'm just going to take the goddamn day off anyway. I don't even get paid $407 for a days work, y'all. I'm not a corporate warrior and I'm not taking one of these for the team (company), EVER AGAIN.

Besides, next week my boss is going to start interviewing for someone to be my assistant. ABOUT EFFING TIME. But seriously, I'm grateful to have a boss who is able to see when I'm overwhelmed and get someone in here to, at the very least, share 50% of the worry. I don't like being the only one in my entire department with the responsibility of every aspect of all the programs looming over me, which happens whenever my boss takes a trip, which is often because he's the boss. Now someone will sit in a chair beside me and gnaw their nails too. Brilliant!

Furthermore to complete this entry I just want to comment that sometime last week I discovered that the chances of an 8 to 9.0 earthquake hitting the Pacific Northwest in the next 30 years are 1 in 3. I have decided that if it happens while I am in my apartment or on the bus, I will most likely not die (provided there is no pancaking or driving on the Viaduct) and if it happens while I am at work I will most likely die (unless I miraculously climb out of a pile of rubble, after falling ten stories). Cheerful stuff! No seriously, I tend to get cheerful and philosophical when confronting the idea of the Earthquake O' Doom. I suspect in actual reality it will be made of suck, so I guess I'd best out get the cheerful now while I still can. (Even writing that sentence made me cheerful. I am odd.)

And now that I've fulfilled all the promise of the title of this entry... I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, April 24th, 2009
3:26 am
Lordy Heavens, another update!!
Can it be? Why yes... yes, my Friday evening is particularly boring this week. Why do you ask?

But in much more pressing matters, HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY JESS!!! :D I finally got your present in the mail and it should be there... in a week. I hope you like it. I was in such a rush, I didn't get a card... uh... I hope you like it! (PS - if you get an interest in something different before Christmas, let me know, because believe me, there is more where this present came from, and I could probably handle all events between now and return to the States with this theme alone. Seriously.)

Also, for Mom, who is doing what's necessary in Hawaii this week: I sent off your Mother's Day present as well, and er, there is no card, but I want you to know that I love you very much, always and no matter what... and that we will sit down and have tea together as soon as I come back. You'll understand when you open the present.

Dad - I have no CLUE what to get you for Father's Day so I'm getting creative. Don't blame me.

Anything else? Let's see....

Spring keeps taking forever to get here, it seems, though I have finally identified actual leaf buds on the trees. No leaves, really... just buds. (I have been anticipating the imminent spring for at least two weeks now... like an overdue baby, it needs to HURRY UP.) However, when green does actually return to the streets of Sapporo, it will look stunning, as the mountains in the distance are still snow covered, and look distinctly like the Alps in the beautiful sunny weather as of late.

Sapporo could have been such a lovely city... if someone had bothered to plan it that way. Ah well. Easy to scrape snow off concrete, I guess.

Well, that is really it, as this week has been somewhat less than thrillingly busy. Next week should improve... and then, my Golden Week trip off to Kyoto and Nagoya on the most shoestring of shoestring budgets! It'll be just like Europe all over again! Pictures to be posted, I promise. :)

Current Mood: great, actually!
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
12:01 pm
An update!
It has been brought to my attention lately that I have not updated in a while. But! There are excuses! Many of them!

It's been what, 3 weeks? Here are three excuses.

WEEK 1: I spent the whole day with the Tromso delegation. There were many attractive blond people who spoke perfect English.


MEGAN: Uh, I'm translating for the mayor right now. Hold your damn horses!

WEEK 2: The entire staff of Sapporo City seemed to be being randomly shuffled to random places, in the truly dreadful cultural artifact known as "idou".

FRIENDLY COWORKERS: Hi! Just wanted to let you know, we are leaving tomorrow to work somewhere else and never, ever see you again. Nice to have known you! Bye!

MEGAN: That... what... I... MUST MAKE PRESENT NOW. *spends rest of day drawing cute things as goodbye gifts*

WEEK 3: Lamination project. 'Nuff said.

Okay, fine, so I had to cut about 30 little plaques out just so, and then I had to figure out the machine's working ways, and then I had to cut 30 little plaques out of laminate just so, and then it was Let's Talk time. So it goes.

On the other hand, I finally saw leaf buds just the other day! :D Spring is...well, technically it's here, but in actual reality, it is coming soon! :D

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